Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello there! My name is Sophie and welcome to my site. I did this website as a task specially for Leonardo Articles, --an ESL and Website Development course. If you would like to contact me, simply use the contact form found on this site. Below is my Curriculum vitae, and some samples of online websites and articles I've written earlier.

Graduated with distinction from APU
5 years of article writing experience (particularly for Electronic readers)
4 years of website creation experience.
Dedicated, goal-oriented employee with a taste for information.

Employment Experience.
Leonardo Articles,2010 - Present
General Manager
In control of forming a international group of writers to suit a demanding range of increased goals and objectives.
- Make new records for production, expanding production by 25% across the globe
- Correctly managed consistent logs of task distribution
- Maintained QA for international creation over a large group of content writers

Self Employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Russian
Exceptional knowledge using a numerous choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

Online Driving Test

Some sites on the internet can give a mock online driving test with review materials. After taking the test you will immediately know the results thus you will know the... Read more..

Parts Canada

It is easier to go around the city in your own vehicle at your disposal. This means that you can go out anytime you want without having to hail a taxi since it could be very hard to get one especially... Find out more...

Parts Of A Boat

Other varieties are trimaran and the rare pentamaran. Hovercrafts – are said to be not actual boats as it flies at maximum 3meters off water surface and... Find out more...

New Cars Under 10 000

However, if you do some careful research, you can find a good bargain for yourself from different sources. It is an undeniable fact that it is not easy to find great new cars under 10 000 dollars. Purchasing a new car is expensive, and its price can soar very high in... Source of information..

Boat Fenders

You may need them, obviously, but do you really need them every time, absolutely not. Think you're tired with them using a great deal space or perhaps moving all over the floor? Most probably, yes. The perfect solution is should be to get boat bumpers than can be deflated, small and can be stored in a room. A good example of this is the Inflatable Boat Bumpers courtesy of Boat Bunkers. These... To read more click here...

Houseboats For Sale

There are actually several boat owners who choose to sell their old boats and acquire new one. If you come across one, try to make a good deal with the owner. Since moving a houseboat is usually costly, whether it can be transported on a trailer or otherwise, you need to focus on the location of the houseboats being sold for you to... More on this page..

Paddle Boats

A few are also intended for adventure water rides or perhaps water races. It is advisable to get certain preferences planned to ensure that you are obtaining the proper paddle boats. Every single paddle boat offers distinct functions making... More on this site..

Hydroelectric Power Facts

In most countries, hydroelectric power supplies 85 % of their power needs which means the end of demands for fossil-fuel business and domestic energy. These hydroelectric power facts are expected... Click here to read more..

Recycling Projects

Taking care of the environment is a very important task that each and every one of us must participate. Since everybody is taking advantage of all the things that Mother Nature has provided us, then it is just righteous to do some measures to protect the environment. The three basic premises... Click here to read more..

Styrofoam Recycling

Life nowadays is more fast paced in comparison to the olden days, where the latter is usually a daily race against time situation, therefore, individually to maximize work time to earn more... To read more click here...

Water Filters

Actually, people can’t live without water anymore. It is used basically in drinking, cooking, taking a bath, watering the plants (although there is rain), washing clothes, washing the car and other vehicles, and for other bodily activities and household chores. Also, without water the human body will suffer from any illness and any possible diseases, this is because the water is the one basic and less... More on this page..

Field Day Games

These unavoidable circumstances can be dealt with by having first aid materials available. In every game there is always a unique set of rules and instructions. With this in mind make sure that the participants understood every single detail of your instructions and ask them if they have any questions so that it will all... Source..

Hardest Game Ever

For PC games, there are tons of games that require intense planning and strategy that gets you around the game whether first person shooting games or RPG or Role-Playing Games. Millions of people devote a huge amount of time on these games and they are hooked since they get addicted to the game. There are also lots of reviews and write-ups as to which game is the hardest game ever.... Source of information..

Towing Games

The creators of this game have made it a point to design and create mobile vehicles that look real and have provided a set of instructions for ever viewer to follow. These instructions are very simple to follow and they also provide colored images and illustrations to make it easier for the one viewing it. This game can even improve your skills in towing and this... Click here to continue..

California Area Codes

The Area Code 909 was formed to cover the San Bernardino County leaving the Area Code 213 in 1992. In 1997, Area Code 530 split from Area Code 916 covering the areas of Lake Tahoe and Redding. The Area Code 760 was formed from the Area Code of San Diego County 619 in 1997, covering Mojave Desert and Palm Springs. Split from Area Code 310, the Area Code 562 was created in 1997 in Long Beach.... To read more click here...

Canadian Cell Phone Companies

These Canadian Cell phone Companies offer basic call and text messaging services to the public. Based on the data that the telecommunications companies have released during the past year, there are already an estimated 26 million subscribers to wireless telecommunication in Canada. And most of these subscribers are under the three major companies although there are... Read more..

Cell Phone Plans

In addition, the company also aims to give people different plan options depending on their allocated budget and the frequencies of their calls and text messaging via mobile phone. This company has been hailed as one that can compete with many other... To read more click here...

Phone Book Online

An online phonebook directory is a very convenient solution to a problem like this. The convenience it offers can save you a lot of time. Additionally, with phone book online, you are less likely to be victimized by a fraud and others. An online phone book directory enables you to find important contact information of businesses throughout the country. Aside from business contact details, it... More on this page..

Cell Phones

Some models of cordless telephones provide short range distance of communication, wherefore, it is important to check cordless telephone features before getting one of your own. · Fixed phone also popularly known as landlines, land line, land... Read more..

Telephone Number Lookup

Have you tried looking for a phone number of a family friend who you want to reconnect to or a local business that you would like to inquire for their prices? If you have, then you might have used a... To read more click here...

Phone Number Look Up

Printed directories have limited numbers in their pages so be aware which areas or communities are included. If you want a wider and faster search, then the next step that you can do is to use different search engines. Search engines can give you the information that you want in such a short amount of time. A lot of people actually... Source of information..

Find Zip Code

“Zip Code” is the standard term used in the United States of America and the Philippines. The acronym ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. “PIN Code” is the standard term... More on this page..

How Much Are Stamps

This will be helpful for you in meeting your postage needs. From time to time, the rate of postage of the... More on this site..

Zip Codes Map

Other information that mapping solutions in the world of business can provide include demographics, locations of business and retailers, expenditure of consumers, the proximity of the consumers to the business regions, various kinds of business located in a specific area and a lot more. One of the ideas behind the concept of zip code map is that it permits investors and marketers to benefit much from different sales territories, choose the most suitable retail locations for their businesses and develop... Find out more...

Cheap Online Clothing Stores

Most of these online stores have cheap prices because these sellers often get their supplies straight from the manufacturers. Some even make their own clothes and sell it to the people in really affordable prices. Aside from saving money, customers also get to have unique clothes that other... More on this page..

Cocktail Dresses Under 100

Even other girls wanted to buy designer dresses, their budget will still depend on their parents. The question is, are there beautiful cocktail dresses under 100 available? Nowadays, the internet should be your best source when hunting for that inexpensive prom gowns. The web offers great rise in site visitors due to the economical solutions inside the web pages. There are guidelines that offer little information on choices to... Find out more...

Cotton Gloves

Since cotton is very soft, it provides comfort to the hands while you are doing your tasks too. Aside from protecting the hands, these cotton gloves are also worn to protect your project from getting ruined. For example, you are working on an art project and you want it to be flawless. With the help of gloves, you will be able to manipulate all the materials without leaving an impression of your fingerprints... Click here to continue..

Cute Dresses For Cheap

There are styles for the curvy woman and there are also dresses made for those considered as plus size. But whatever your body type is, there will surely be a cute dress available there for you.... Source of information..

Formal Dresses For Juniors

You will discover these in your local shops, in dress shops offline and online. You can search online using the keywords the prom, graduation, Quinceanera, homecoming or junior bridesmaid categories and you will easily reduce the choices. You can also inquire your friends and relatives to suggest the reputable dress shops. After hunting for the right place to buy your dress, it’s time to choose the most ideal formal dress for... More on this site..

Maxi Dress

As a matter of fact, these garments are designed suitable for all sizes and shapes. One of the best things about them is that putting them on is effortless. All you need to do is slide the maxi on effortlessly and you will surely look stylish in an instant. If you are worried about your bumps and lumps and you do not want them to be shown, worry no more because maxi is designed to cover up... More on this site..

Pink Clothing

The color of baby clothing she wears is just about the least factor of them. If you're getting baby garments, it is usually a little more about just what the baby feels comfortable with,... More on this page..

Plus Size Dresses

Many of the fashion magazines today are already embracing the plus size figure. This is their way of helping to empower the women all over the world. Many... Source..


It has been making a significant return in the fashion world. This is a single piece outfit which includes a halter or tube top and pair of shorts in one piece. This dress style was extremely popular during the ‘70s and perhaps a lot more popular nowadays. If you are eyeing a casual wear for your fashion clothing this year, this outfit... Read more..

Semi Formal Dresses

“Semi- formal” is a term in fashion that sounds very vague to many of us. Even though there is a vast range of outfits that would describe this term, we are still confused of what it really looks like. The primary reason for this issue is that there... Source of information..

Sexy Cocktail Dresses

If it's for a small lady, they've got unique designs for the dress that will definitely suit the lady’s body. Figuring out getting a great look for... Source..

Ski Pants For Women

The gears under your ski pants must keep your body warm but not overheat it. They should also wick moisture out of your body. What should be worn under ski pants women? The first clothing layer under the ski pants is called the base layer. The base layer is the one that will wick moisture out of your... To read more click here...

Tankini Swimsuits For Women

It's a two-piece swimwear for girls, juniors, women, juniors and even children that provides coverage of any one-piece swimwear, the benefit of the two-piece bikini but continue to gives support as well as slimming qualities which a one-piece... Continue reading..

What To Wear In Vegas

The times when everybody puts on their best clothes as well as drinking martinis were long gone. Once again, what to put on in Vegas is dependent on the attire you are comfortable with. In case you are baffled by style trends for the club that you'll be planning to this evening, the simplest way to learn is to visit that club's web site.... More on this site..

Sexy Bikini

But even though there are plenty of choices, finding the perfect sexy bikini to match your body is definitely a challenge to most women. The first step that you need to do when choosing a swimsuit is to determine what body type you have. Whether you are a person with a pear shape, an apple shape, an hourglass shape or... More on this page..


If you notice, these tees do not have buttons and they also do not have collars in them. The neck style is usually rounded but there are also variations wherein the neck area takes on a V- shape or a deeper U- shape... More on this site..

Air Force Uniform

All the officers wanted was a uniform that is simple and plain but will identify them as members of the air force. In the year 1946,... Find out more...

Free Sewing Patterns

The method of measuring the doll is similar to that of measuring a human being. For the best look, you can embellish the doll’s clothes with laces, buttons and the like. There are free sewing patterns available for hand towels. Perhaps, the easiest and fastest to do for a beginner is a hand towel. To create sewing... More on this site..

Pullover Hoodies

The strings hang freely in the front where the user can pull to tighten. These hoodies come in a variety of colors and designs. Both men and women can also wear this fashion trend. The male version of this hoodie is loose and baggy. The female version is... Source..

Red Leggings

Some tend to be darker, almost maroon while others are very bright and striking. One of the most important rules in wearing colored tights is never ever choose to wear a dress that is the same color or shade as your tights. A monochromatic outfit does not work very well... Source..


It was just been evolved as time goes by and for some reasons. Originally it was made with jewels and with top of the line fabric but for the British people they made it simpler for daily use in offices. But in the 19th century it has been again... Click here to continue..

White Jumpsuit

You can easily look it up and choose the style that you want. Choosing the jumpsuit for your body type can be tricky too. In order for you to rock a white jumpsuit, you need to choose one that... Source..

Business Casual For Men

Therefore, it is good for you to ask for official guidelines from your human resource department. You have to avoid wearing shirts that have extravagant colors so that you will not look like a neon sign. Be careful in selecting and experimenting with colors and designs. To play safe, pastel shades are a good option at all times.... Read more..

Business Casual For Women

It is very important for you to ask the human resource (HR) department of your company regarding dress policy so that you will know what attire will be appropriate for a particular event and place, and what’s not. Your supervisor and HR staff members are the ones responsible for guiding you in this regard. It should also be considered that your every outfit must be appropriate for... Find out more...

Business Dress

It does not only make a standard it also uplifts the worth of every working person. It is made for every worker’s comfort and protection as well. It is made for comfort because the length sees to it that a person can move easily while working without thinking of... Source of information..

College Hoodies

Every college student in the country has at least one college hoodie in the closet and some of them even wear them every day!... Click here to read more..

Crochet Bikini

It is true that crocheting would take up a lot of your time but it will become easy once you have learned the basics. A tool called crochet needle is used when crocheting. A crochet needle has a hook in one end to pull the thread through knots and loops when creating a fabric. Crochet differs from knitting since crochet only needs one needle while knitting uses two. One very good reason... Source..

Custom Fabric

Moreover, you can actually create your own fabric design and have it printed by any printing outlet in malls, for instance. There is a variety of yarns used for making the flat base of printed fabric that is woven tightly. These include polyester, cotton, silk, cotton blends, linen and other synthetic materials.... More on this page..

Cute Clothing

These clothes can be considered cute considering the design. Some dainty clothes may appear with laces in it. Some may even be short enough yet lady like. These clothes attract every person. Even just looking... Source of information..